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Southwest Middle School

Full information about Southwest Middle School — 6450 Doctor Phillips Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32819 Florida 32819

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6450 Doctor Phillips Boulevard,
Orlando, Florida

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+1 407-370-7200



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    There is one staff member that is particularly rude and entitled, Ms. Holt. I would advise that we fire her or tell her to be more compassionate to the students and staff members. In addition, The school grounds are in extreme conditions. The restrooms are awful, They reek of urine; yes, kids urinate in the sink, and corners of stalls, The school is full of litter, The hallways are dark and extremely dirty. Honestly, The second i walk through the school doors I feel that I've just entered Guantanamo bay, really the place looks, feels, and smells like a maximum security prison. Don't even get me started on the children, they act like sex driven, wild animals I've had numerous fights at this school. I've literally had more fights at this school than I've had in the ring i'm a Thai Boxer.
    By Kye Tucker, January 03, 2018
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    As a young parent, I am writing this review from personal experience. The bathrooms are a big BIOHAZARD. I can't stay in there for 5 seconds without passing out. And if you do, I owe you a big one. My son Sammy Belal
    By Joseph Clark, April 04, 2017
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